Sacrificing present comfort for future gains requires discipline – an arguably difficult trait to develop. Combining this challenge with little or no money, and limited access to capital, we see the average person forced to give up on the needs that could potentially improve his life, thus also losing the luxury of spending on unnecessary items. Finding ways to make money regardless of these challenges is one of the best decisions to avoid living from hand to mouth in the long run.

A great way to start saving is thrifting or rotational savings. Thrifting is a practice where individuals form groups, pool money together, and take turns in withdrawing the accumulated money to meet critical obligations such as education, rent, or capital projects. Why thrift when you can save on your own? On your own, it is easy to lose motivation and give up especially when results do not come as quickly as planned. But by engaging the power of social expectation, you create a structure that eliminates distractions and keeps you committed.

The goal of ProsperisGold is to use goal visualization, social commitment, and mobile technology to help anyone meet their financial goals easily. Join us today on the journey towards financial freedom!