About Mofi Aiyepola

Mofi is a business analytics enthusiast with particular interest in finance and big data analysis. She currently drives the business development unit of Prosperis Gold and works in the advisory unit of Prosperis Holdings, a Principal Investment/Advisory firm in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Savings 001

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Whether you have been earning money for a while or just getting your first paycheck, the toughest hurdle to cross is saving- despite having heard how important this is from different sources. A lot of [...]

Thrift with ProsperisGold

By |2022-09-28T20:59:45+01:008 July 2017|Categories: Finances|Tags: , , |

Sacrificing present comfort for future gains requires discipline – an arguably difficult trait to develop. Combining this challenge with little or no money, and limited access to capital, we see the average person forced to [...]

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